Flos Ploffy Blue

Fabric Softener for
Flos Ploffy Blue 10Lt

Flos Ploffy Blue 20Lt

Flos Ploffy Blue

Flos Ploffy Blue 10Lt

FLOS PLOFFY has the scent of the freshness of the sea. Comes in a blue color and consistently ranks first in consumer preference.

FLOS' most popular product, FLOS PLOFFY fabric softener, welcomes you to a world of unique soft perfume

Their rich composition takes care of the fibres of clothes and makes them soft and elastic, keeping them new for a long time.

After using Ploffy, the water comes off easy and fast from clothes, so they dry faster.

With Ploffy, annoying static electricity decreases, particularly on synthetics and makes clothes feel more pleasant.

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