FLOS BACT 100 antimicrobials

Liquid cleaner + disinfectant
FLOS BACT 100 antimicrobials 500ml

FLOS BACT 100 antimicrobials

FLOS BACT 100 antimicrobials 500ml

Approved by the National Medicines Agency (EOF), FLOS BACT is a specialized antimicrobial disinfectant - chlorine-free detergent for washable surfaces that combines disinfection with cleaning and deodorizing.

• Safe, suitable for everyday use; it eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold.

• A condensed, cost-effective product that can be dissolved in water to produce 125 litres of strong disinfectant.

• Recommended for all washable surfaces in the house (walls, floors, tiles, work surfaces) the kitchen and bathroom, sanitary ware, knobs, plastics, bins.

• Also recommended for food processing areas, restaurants, hospitals, health centres, schools, gymnasiums, beauty salons.

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