FLOS S.A. – Detergent Industry

Quality and Environment

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Quality and Environment

FLOS has a clear target

To produce products with consistent technical specifications that makes them different from the competition and wants to develop products that cover market needs.

The Quality Management Department and the Research and Development Department are the heart of all these efforts. They combine science and responsible work with continuous inspections during the production.They also have knowledge of consumer’s needs and guarantee products with a consistent level of quality and a new generation of products.

Flos’ Certified Quality System complies with EN ISO 9001:2000 standard for the design, development, production of and trade in detergents, plastic bottles and canisters.

FLOS also has a clear commitment

Our company operates responsibly and with respect for people and the environment.

Flos provides people safe and highly effective products which are friendly to the environment.
Flos production methods save energy and water resources under excellent working conditions.
Flos complies with regulations regarding solid soils, recycling and the implementation of environmental, hygiene, safety and European regulations.

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Photovoltaic power system

A 100 kw photovoltaic power system was installed in June 2009 and operates successfully in FLOS’s 4,000 m industrial housing facilities.

This investment for the production of electricity through renewable energy was implemented in the framework of the Green Development and already the produced electricity is sold to the Hellenic Transmission System Operator SA (DESMIE SA) contributing by our corresponding percentage to environmental protection (reduction of CO2 ~ 355 kg / day) and Regional Development.