Flos Xtra

Oven cleaner. It wipes off grease easy, without wearing you out!

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• Forget the lasting and tedious rubbing. Grease cannot resist the power of FLOS XTRA!

• FLOS XTRA wipes off burnt oils and grease from ovens, hotplates and barbecues, leaving the surfaces shiny.

• A powerful composition, specially made for exceptional results. It has a special foam sprayer for better application on vertical surfaces and prevents diffusion.

Code Product Pieces/carton
00203 Flos XTRA with sprayer 475 ml 16
00204 Flos XTRA spare 475 ml 16


deionized water

potassium hydroxide

1-methoxy propanol-2

2- propenoic acid, telomer with sodium sulfite, sodium salt

sodium lauryl sarcosinate

myristyl amine oxide